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Biostimulant - Seaweed Extract

SeaferTime® Green


SeaferTime® Green is a 100% natural fertilizer derived from fresh Laminaria. The Laminaria are selected and treated appropriately using mild enzymatic hydrolysis, thereby retaining the natural hormonal and active substance integrally found naturally in the fresh Laminaria, and rich in seaweed oligosaccharide and other seaweed extracts. Suitbale for green agriculture.



Green Liquid

Water Solubility



Seaweed smell

Organic matter

60g/L Min

Seaweed oligosaccharide

40g/L Min


Enhances plant resistance to stress, like drought resistance, cold resistance.

Preventing and quickly corrects the syndrome of nutrients deficiency especially micronutrients deficiency.

Inhibits harmful pests and alleviates pest damage.

Promotes the development of shoots and roots.

Improves blossom and fruit set, thicken, enlarge and balance the leaf growth, supply well-balanced crop nutrients.

Stimulates and regulates the rapid growth of plants.

Increases crop yield and quality.

Natural organic fertilize.


Rich seaweed oligosaccharide.

Rich natural biostimulants.

Faster water soluble.


Drip irrigation and flush irrigation:4-8L/ha.

Foliar Application: Dilution rate with water 1:800-1500.

* This recommendation may be varied according to the soil characteristics and local conditions.

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