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We listen to your crop needs and provide scientific nutrition solutions for various plants.

Since the development of agriculture, the use of a large amount of chemical fertilizers has caused soil problems, fruit quality problems, and increased planting costs. Agricultural output does not depend on the amount of fertilizer applied, but crop nutrition solutions. The core of the crop nutrition solution is to maximize land use, scientific planting management, efficient crop output, and higher farmers' income. The crop nutrition solution integrates soil improvement, fertilization and management through all stages of crop nutrition, ensuring the science and efficiency of the solution. To this end, crop nutrition solutions have strict standards and requirements for fertilizer products, technologies, services and extension systems.

Against this background, Qingdao Future Group started from the sustainable development of agriculture and entered the field of plant nutrition solutions from 2010.

Qingdao Future Group, as a leader and promoter of nutrition solutions, has mastered various new fertilizer technologies, fertilizer synergistic technologies, soil improvement and repair technologies and organic fertilizer comprehensive utilization technologies, relying on a strong research team to develop unique formula functions Fertilizer, with a complete matrix of fertilizers. At present, Qingdao Future Group has cooperated with more than 20 countries to develop scientific and efficient crop nutrition solutions for local farmers, and has contributed to the sustainable development of agriculture.

What can we bring to you?
  • Scientific Nutrition Program

  • Stable Fertilizer Quality

  • Planting Technology Guidance

  • Decrease in Planting Costs

  • Improve Fertilizer Utilization

  • More Gains

  • Make fruit appearance and quality better, and sell more widely

  • Soil Conditioning

Crop Nutrition Program

Choose your planting conditions and crops and get our fertilization program and related planting suggestions for free so that you can verify the nutritional needs of the crops at different stages of growth.

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