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Biostimulant - Enzymolysis Fertilizer

EnzyVepro Star® Max N12


EnzyVepro Star® Max N12 is organic green natural bio stimulant product, it is made from vegetable as raw material and adopts advanced biotechnology to produce it.

Appearance Brown paste
Water Solubility100%
Fulvic acid150g/L Min 
P2O520g/L Min 
Organic Carbon200g/L Min
S20ppm Min
Ca20ppm Min 
Natural Auxin800ppm Min 
Polysaccharide150g/L Min
Organic Matter500g/L Min
Amino Acid20g/L Min
Organic Nitrogen120g/L Min
K2O50g/L Min 
Trace Elements12g/L Min
Fe10ppm Min
Zn10ppm Min
Cytokinin1000ppm Min
Total Vitamins1000ppm Min


Increases absorption of nutrients through leaves and roots.

Promotes enzymatic activity as a natural stimulant.

Increases the protein, sugar and vitamin content in the plant.

Improves the efficiency of the pesticides and fungicide.

Increases crop resistance to adverse conditions like drought, frost, and disease.

Decreases the incidence of certain plant diseases.

Increases crop yield and quality.

Promotes the formation of photosynthesis and chlorophyll.

No residue, improves the physical and chemical properties of soil.


Absorb quickly.

Rich in various nutrients.

100% enzymatic extraction.


Soil Application: 10-15kg/ha

Drip Irrigation and Flush irrigation: 10-15kg/ha

Foliar Application: Dilution rate with water 1:400-800.

* This recommendation may be varied according to the soil characteristics and local conditions.

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