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Biostimulant - Enzymolysis Fertilizer

EnzyAlga Star® L35


EnzyAlga Star® L35 is 100% Enzyme extract from Seaweed. This product is rich in  variety of mineral elements such as macronutrient (N, P, K) and trace elements (Fe, Zn, B, etc). 

OdorSeaweed smell
Appearance Liquid
Water Solubility100%
Organic N4g/L Min
K2O15g/L Min
Total Vatimin800ppm Min
Gibberellin &Auxin300ppm Min
S10g/L Min
Mg1g/L Min
Zn20ppm Min
Organic matter 200g/L Min
P2O5 2g/L Min
Alginic acid80g/L Min
Mannitol15g/L Min
Iodine200ppm Min
Ca2g/L Min
Fe2g/L Min
B200ppm Min


Recover effectively from stress.

Promotes the plant photosynthesis.

Increase the yield.

Benefits formation of proteins and plant cells.

Improves flavor, color, and preservation of fruit.

Promotes root growth while promoting cell division.

Accelerates flower bud differentiation.

Contains plant growth regulators like gibberellic acid.

Natural organic fertilizer.


Absorb quickly.

Rich in various nutrients.

100% enzymatic extraction.


Soil Application: 4-8 L/ha.

Drip Irrigation and Flush irrigation: 4-8 L/ha.

Foliar Application: Dilution rate with water 1:800-1500.

*This recommendation may be varied according to the soil characteristics and local conditions.

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