Organic Feed

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Biostimulants is widely used. Based on a strong R & D and excellent team, we have entered the field of aquaculture. Biostimulants has the following effects on water quality: Biostimulants for aquaculture is rich in nutrients such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur, which can effectively increase the carbon content and promote the healthy growth of aquatic plants; block part of the direct sunlight from the bottom of the pond, thereby inhibiting Moss;

Biostimulants has a large number of active functional groups, which can effectively adsorb suspended organic matter and sediment in the water, allowing it to settle, and improve the transparency of the water bottom; Biostimulants for aquaculture can release ecological oxygen, thereby inhibiting the growth of certain bacteria effect. Not only that, but biostimulants can also improve the quality of fish and improve the quality of fish meat.

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